"An inspirational and practical 'handbook' for leaders, from startups to mature firms, who must choose the path forward for their company."

--Bob Adams, Founder, Business Town.
Create the Future offers a structured process you and your leadership team can use to imagine the future, understand the realistic choices, and choose the future for your company.

Rick is a nationally published thought leader on business practices and leadership. He serves on the board of directors of technology companies and is founder of an award-winning investment and development company. Rick is past President of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston. He was a management consultant with the global consulting firm Arthur D. Little, Inc., working on business strategy and acquisitions across a broad spectrum of industries. He is a physics graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

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Rick has the rare ability to deliver relevant and useful information that keeps the audience engaged. He was incredibly informative with his deep leadership experience coming out through the stories and examples.

Beth Yohai, VP Business Development, AIM

Why I Wrote Create the Future

“I wrote Create the Future drawing on my experiences to help you be a stronger and more confident leader.
Use my book as a handbook for you and your leadership team when you have an exciting opportunity or face a difficult problem. Begin by defining the challenge and end with choosing the future for yourself and for the organization you lead.”
-Rick Williams

Create the Future


I create the future by the decisions I make.


Create the Future is about how to decide – not what to decide.


Step by step exercises for you and your team to:


When your company faces important and difficult challenges, Create the Future is your guide for finding the solution most likely to be successful.

Create the Future is the guide to impactful leadership that
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
is to an impactful life.

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Leadership Training: Using the CTF Process and Tools

Create the Future is a step-by-step process for seizing the opportunity or addressing the threat confronting you. CTF™ is the guidebook for you and your leadership team to take your company to the next level using top-line tools without a big consulting firm price tag. 

Seminars, leadership training, and workshops hosted by Williams Advisory Partners bringing the Create the Future process and tools to entrepreneurs and leaders of organizations large and small and their coaches and consultants.

Programs include: 

Rick Williams speaking to your audience or team

• Leadership development using CTF tools

• Strategic planning with CTF tools

• How to use CTF exercises 


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